There are two different ways of using our website.

YouTube MP3

By using our website you can convert and download YouTube videos to MP3 files. The videos will always be downloaded and converted in the best possible quality. The maximum video length is 2 hours. Usually it only takes a few minutes to convert the video. In opposition to other websites you'll be able to download videos which are not available in your country or blocked aswell (please note, this only works with YouTube videos which haven't been deleted).

How it works?
Go to and search for any YouTube video. Copy the URL of the video and paste it into the search field. Click on the search button. The conversion will be started now - as soon as the conversion is completed you'll be able to download the MP3 file by clicking on the download button.

Search & download songs

By using our website you are able to find easily any song. As soon as you typed the name of the song and clicked on the search button, we'll search on YouTube and Soundcloud for your song. If you want to search on other sources for your song, you'll need to click on the manage sources button and activate the sources by clicking on the checkboxes.

As soon as the search is completed you'll get a list of available search results. You can listen to the songs of your search results by clicking on the play button. After choosing the right song you are able to download the song as an MP3 file by clicking on the MP3 download button.

Please note:
Search results of YouTube will be first converted, afterwards the file can be downloaded. When you click on the search results of PromoDJ you'll be forwarded to the individual website, where you'll be able to download the song. Search results of Soundcloud, vk, Yandex, 4shared and Archive can be downloaded right away as an MP3 file without any conversion or forwarding. | | |